Web Module

Install/Configure Apache for your static (or other web) file serving needs.

Web Module Settings

WEB_HTTPD = "apache" #apache2 or nginx
WEB_CONFIG_TEMPLATE_PATH = "templates/my_apache.conf"  #This is the path to the template on the LOCAL machine

#Params that are provided to the template.
#Note: The following env variables are also inserted
#into this dictionary:
#project  (the project name)
    "HOST_PORT" : 80 #Primary port for hosting things

Sets up log directories if they don’t exist, uploads the apache conf and reloads apache.


Uploads the httpd conf (apache or nginx in future) to the correct place.


Runs the given command on the apache service


create (if necessary) and make writable uploaded media, log, etc. directories


Upload and link Supervisor configuration from the template.

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